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"This job is about more than just our policy positions or stating intentions; it is about achieving results for the people of our district"

Good Paying Jobs

People need the diginity of good-paying jobs

Erica supports increasing our minimum wage to at least $15.00, expanding comprehensive paid leave by including paid time off and family, sick, and bereavement leave, expanding union rights, attracting green businesses to our district by creating a Green economic zone, protecting small businesses, and promoting apprenticeship programs for students who decide college is not right for them.


Educating our Kids

Education for personal growth and progress.

In 2024, we shouldn't have two school districts in PA 155 with such huge disparities. Yet, Downingtown Area School District is thriving while students, in some cases, just across the street in Coatesville Area School District, have far fewer opportunities. Erica advocates for wise allocation of funds to address issues such as infrastructure, teacher availability, and support for special needs students. Her call to implement Fair Funding aims to create a more equitable educational system while emphasizing its additional benefits, including property tax relief for seniors.

Our Environment

Away from Fossil Fuels, Towards 100% Green

Erica supports the transition to 100% renewable energy in Pennsylvania, focusing on creating good-paying union jobs and boosting the economy. She backs new regulations for homes, weatherizing existing homes, expanding public transportation, and modernizing state infrastructure. Erica supports community activism to safeguard open spaces and opposes developments contributing to pollution and traffic. Additionally, she supports the establishment of hydrogen infrastructure in Chester County, the gradual phase of ouf fracking, with tighter regulations, and will work to hold energy companies accountable for environmental remediation costs. Erica also prioritizes enhancing pipeline safety measures and emergency response training.

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"As a business professional who has spent over a decade saving companies millions through better processes and waste reduction, I think it's time to reduce waste in Harrisburg and return value to the people."

LGBTQ+ Rights

Representing 80,000 Transgender Pennsylvanians

As an openly transgender woman in Pennsylvania, Erica  advocates for LGBTQ+ rights, drawing from her personal experiences of exclusion.  She knows that Love is Love, and protects marriage rights for all. She advocates to pass the Pennsylvania Fairness Act, ensure healthcare non-discrimination, combat bullying in schools, and propose legislation to establish Pennsylvania as a Shield State for LGBTQ+ individuals facing discrimination elsewhere.

Recreational Marijuana

C'mon, even Ohio is doing it. Blood red Ohio.

Erica supports fully legalizing adult-use recreational marijuana. She supports the expungement of legal records related to marijuana possession but also the use of technology to detect impairment when driving. She supports the ability of the people to grow their own, expanding hemp cultivation, and supports the imposition of state taxes on marijuana products to generate revenue.

However, Erica opposes the "state store" model, favoring an open marijuana commerce approach to benefit small businesses in the evolving industry.

Gun Control

Common sense ideas for protecting us all

Erica supports responsible gun control measures, recognizing the modern advancements in firearms. While affirming the Second Amendment as a gun owner, she backs universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, banning the sale of high-powered semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines, regulating the AR-15 and others as Class C, endorsing 'red flag' laws to prevent firearm access for potential threats, and advocating for a ban on 3-D printing of firearms and accessories.

Housing Costs

Chester County has the highest housing costs

Erica proposes legislation to cap rent increases in line with inflation, advocates for mandating affordable housing in both new homes and rental units statewide, supports families relying on the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, among other state programs, and aims to work with municipalities to prevent pet restrictions and excessive fees on rental properties, for both long and short-term rentals.

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