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Meet Erica Deuso

"When we re-center our efforts, not on special interests or big business, but on the people we represent, we can work together to make real, meaningful change for those we serve."

In 2007, Erica Deuso, a well-respected scientist, businesswoman, and advocate for marginalized communities, decided to put down roots and call Downingtown home.  

During her time in Chester County, she has gotten to know the people of our communities through her participation in local events, working with local organizations, and serving with the Chester County Democratic Committee.

The motivation for Erica's campaign is simple: Re-center the needs of the people in everything we do. As a resident of Chester County for the past 20 years, Erica enjoys the Good Neighbor feel of her #SmallTownHeaven.  With her husband and partner, Michael Obert, by her side and innumerable friends, family members, co-workers, and colleagues supporting her, they can all tell you, "Erica is someone who gets things done."

"Both of my grandfathers: Union. My father: Union. My mother: Union. So, I know the value of labor unions. I understand the significance of labor unions in securing fair wages, affordable healthcare, and adequate workplace protections."

Erica has demonstrated expertise in bridging operational excellence and strategic decision-making through Lean principles. Her achievements include saving the jobs of 24 hardworking individuals while reducing process time by 41% through reimagining Regulatory Submissions Management, leading the acquisition merger of business processes between Johnson & Johnson and Actelion, with increased efficiency and regulatory oversight, and successfully managing a cross-sector initiative for streamlined complex combination product creation at Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine. Erica has consistently delivered innovative solutions, implemented Lean initiatives, and has achieved cost and time savings of over $130 million over the past decade. She holds a BS in Biological Sciences and an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management, both from Drexel University.

  • Committee Person, Chester County Democratic Committee, Precinct 190, West Downingtown South.

  • Member of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and known as a Lean Process Improvement Expert.

  • Eagle Scout and Current member of Order the Arrow, attaining Vigil Honor rank in 1998.

  • Aspiring private pilot, learning to fly at the Brandywine Regional Airport in West Goshen Township.

  • Homebrewer with a long history in the brewing industry, both in the United States and abroad.

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