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"Standing firm in what you believe shouldn't be hard if you have integrity in what you say, are transparent in what you do,  and are honest with the people who support you."


Right to Choose

Erica strongly supports individuals' right to bodily autonomy, particularly in reproductive choices, and commits to advocating for legislation that formalizes and protects this right, including increased funding for abortion and women's health clinics.

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Mental Health

Prioritizing mental health in Pennsylvania means dismantling barriers to critical services by championing reforms, ensuring accessible support without financial constraints.


Racial Equity & Equality

Erica is committed to improving racial equality through anti-discrimination laws, addressing disparities, and advocating for community policing, healthcare access, voting rights, and bias training across sectors.


Reopening Hospitals

Reopening hospitals in Chester County is a vital initiative for accessible and timely healthcare, and as your state representative, Erica is fully committed to making it a reality.

Accounting Documents


Erica is driven to lower taxes, cut waste, and improve government efficiency to alleviate financial burdens on families and foster prosperity in Pennsylvania, including protecting seniors with property tax solutions.

Power Pole Repair


Our growing district requires urgent infrastructure upgrades to enhance safety, convenience, and the overall quality of life, utilizing state agencies and funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill.

Aluminum Supplier

Local Economy

Our vision for Chester County's economic vitality involves revitalizing union manufacturing jobs, promoting the hydrogen industry, and prioritizing post-educational opportunities to strengthen our community's workforce and retain local talent.

Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair

Disability Rights

Let's prioritize disability rights by increasing funding for inclusive programs and services, fostering a compassionate and equitable society where everyone can thrive.

Veteran Family

Protect our Veterans

It's crucial to collaborate with the federal government to enhance VA hospitals, improve veterans' benefits, and support legislation for free or low-cost tuition for the children of veterans, and remove estate taxes for soldiers killed at war.

Firefighter Boarding Truck

Public Safety

Erica prioritizes security, advocating for well-funded first responders, transforming policing with social support integration, allocating resources to enhance prison safety, and ensuring fair reintegration processes for released individuals.

Voting in Election

Voting Rights

Erica is committed to expanding voting rights, opposing restrictions, and fighting against gerrymandering to ensure an inclusive and informed electorate for a robust democracy.

Senior Dance


By instituting Fair School Funding, we can allow our seniors to age with dignity and make keeping their homes easier.  Erica also supports expansion of Medicare and Medicaid to include Dental, Vision and Hearing coverage.

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