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"We need to recruit and elect leaders who will fight for inclusion, equity and fairness!"

Building Bridges
Breaking Barriers

Erica put down her roots in Downingtown in 2007 and fell in love with the town, the area, and the people. As a leader, she is committed to re-centering the people of our district and state in everything she does. With a background in solving complex problems and a track record of saving over $130 million for her Fortune 50 company, she is well-suited to help solve the most significant issues facing Chester County. When Erica sees a problem, she doesn't just talk about it; she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.

Erica Gets Things Done.

Our Economy

Educating Our Kids

Our Environment

Erica will advocate for a fair economy that promotes general welfare, including ensuring a minimum wage of at least $15.00 per hour, expanding comprehensive paid leave, supporting union rights, protecting small businesses through incentives, endorsing apprenticeship programs, and promoting employer-supported volunteerism.

Erica supports prioritizing education as a key driver of personal growth and community progress. Recognizing the existing disparities, she is committed to addressing issues such as inadequate facilities, teacher shortages, and support for special needs students by implementing a fair funding formula to ensure equal opportunities for every student.

Erica advocates for transitioning Pennsylvania to 100% renewable energy while supporting transitional sources. This includes implementing regulations for new homes, expanding public transportation, and investing in infrastructure. Additionally, she supports establishing a hydrogen infrastructure in Chester County and holding energy companies accountable for environmental remediation costs and safety measures.

Erica Deuso is a community leader in Chester County. She is committed to building bridges, breaking down barriers, and bringing real solutions to the people of the district she represents. 

Having overcome poverty, bullying, and discrimination, Erica rose above to become an expert in the business world. Now, she is bringing her expertise and experience to Harrisburg, where she will represent all of us, not just the special interests.

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Breaking Barriers

She champions LGBTQ+ and Women's Health Rights, leveraging personal experiences of exclusion and discrimination. She prioritizes directs representation for 80,000 transgender residents, advocating for key initiatives such as the Pennsylvania Fairness Act and legislation to establish the state as a Sanctuary state for transgender youth, marking a historic stride in LGBTQ+ inclusion.

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